VR Experience

Available on: HTC Vive

Immersive Experience
HOMEY provide the best immersive experience. After putting on VR headset, you are already in a showroom.

Interactive Experience
You are the one who do the design. You can walk around the flat, change the wallpaper and put furniture in your virtual home.

Present to Client
With HOMEY VR technology, location become immaterial, you can present your furniture product or show flat to customer anytime and anywhere.

Purchase Furniture
Users can purchase furniture online after matching all the furniture in the VR environment.

Homey Design App

Available on: Apple Android

Design with Real Furniture
All the furniture used to design your virtual home can be bought through HOMEY website.

1000 + of flats
There are over one thousands of Hong Kong real estate embedded in HOMEY APP.

Stage Creator
You can create your own floor plan using just two fingers.

Augmented Reality (AR)
Through the camera of a smartphone, you are able to see how the furniture looks in your home.

Homey Shop Furniture Marketplace

Available on: Web Apple Android & Coming soon on: HTC Vive

Easy to create an online shop
Set up your own shop in just a few minutes at a low cost.

Setup Your Shop Profile
Allow sellers to setup their store front profile, and display their product under this page.

Manage Your Product and Sales
At Homey Shop sell portal, sellers can easily upload products, manage stocks and proceed the orders.

Preview with Augmented Reality
Homey provide an Augmented Reality experience that allow users to preview the furniture visually in the real surrounding.

Preview with AR

Coming soon on: Apple Android

Markerless AR
Homey AR is working to break the boundary, and provides AR Furniture preview anywhere without a need of an AR marker.

Preview Multiple Items
Need to preview a group of furnitures to make a decision, Homey AR can help you.

Share Your Thoughts
Want to share your thoughts? Ask for feedback from your friends? Homey AR can capture the image of the visual furniture on top of the real environment, and share to your friends.

Our Clients

  • New World China Ltd
  • New World Construction Company Limited
  • New World Development Company Limited
  • Kowloon Development Company Limited
  • Sino Group
  • All the Best Design
  • Alot Living
  • Ceres HK
  • Future Lighting
  • JM Styles
  • LoGin SCM Hong Kong Limited
  • Marc James
  • Muse Furniture Lab
  • VADO

Our Partners

  • JM Styles

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